ESR 7 – Bioactive Silica Glass

Seray Kaya – University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Lucideon Ltd

The Project:  Highly ordered mesoporous silicate bioactive glasses with changed surface charge potential in order to prevent bacteria growth will be synthesised to develop biodegradable and bioresorbable silicate bioactive glasses with different ion release rates.  The glasses will be a sol-gel technique in combination with surfactant-templating and evaporation-induced self-assembly (EISA) processes.  These glasses will be doped with several antibacterial ions to increase their resistance to the bacterial infections.  The glass properties will be characterised before and after biological testing and include the evaluation of antibacterial effectiveness through in-vitro testing and the testing of cytotoxicity potential.  Finally, undoped and doped mesoporous silicate bioactive glasses will be compared in terms of their antibacterial properties.

The Researcher:  Seray Kaya was born in Ankara, Turkey and obtained her bachelor´s degree in 2011 from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Anadolu University (Turkey).  During her undergraduate studies, she was an Erasmus exchange student for six months in the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH).  Before finishing her bachelor´s, she made two industry internships in companies involved in ceramics and aviation & defence industries.  Her Master´s degree was obtained in 2014 from the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Middle East Technical University (Turkey).  The title of her thesis was “Magnetic and Electromagnetic Characterisation of Barium Hexaferrite Ceramics & Their Polymer Matrix Composites”.  Since November, 2015 she has been pursuing her PhD in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Biomaterials, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU-Germany) with the thesis topic of “Mesoporous Silicate Bioactive Glasses as Antibacterial Materials”.  Her hobbies are, watching and doing sports like tennis, basketball and athletics, voluntary work and travelling.

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